‘Dont fall for me’

‘Dont fall for me’

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"Don’t you fall in Love with me"

The story behind this piece is why it will hold a very special place for me... while I was painting this piece in LA it knocked over my bong called “Maddox” which has a lot of sentimental value to me. Since I was adding texture to this painting I decided to break up the glass from the piece that was broken off and I broke that down further and put it into this painting.

That also reminded me not to fall in Love with things and that sometimes...things break and happen.

Each painting is an Original, this new design has glass texture most noticeable in the hearts I created with pieces inside of them.

What also makes it unique is the drip it has behind the face, making each painting one of a kind.

Acrylics and glass on canvas

Heavy Duty Framework

10oz 100% Natural Cotton


All prints are 11”x14”